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005. The boys and their girls

Okay, so Brae has a new girlfriend. Diggory has a new girlfriend. Howell's apparently moping about a girl when not studying. And Trystan for once has no news to report in that regard. This is extremely strange.

Thankfully Dad is still single, and Jack is still finishing the dessert. Although, I have hardly spent a moment with him without someone else there. Oh, and when Howell's around, it's ten times worse, because he's constantly shushing us. If I ever get stuck with him 'babysitting' again, I'm pushing him into the closet so he can shush the broomsticks and cleaning agents instead.

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Angelina! Could you not have picked a theme for your party that ISN'T going to make my Dad AND all four brothers utterly flip out when they see the dress I have to wear???

Speaking of birthdays, I'm 17 TOMORROW!!

004. Madness

Christmas is in twenty days! TWENTY! I'm so excited. I'm going home for it this year, like I do every year. It'll be a little strange if Howell manages to convince Dad that staying behind and escaping the insanity of Christmas at our house will be good for his NEWTs.

... Somehow I don't think that will work out so well for him, even if he does manage to stay. I told him to embrace the madness, so he gave me a hug. Prat.

I have Demelza stuck in my head. Merton, you're brilliant, really.

003. Mistletoe

Howell's had the mistletoe for about half-an-hour now! Excuse me whilst I bask in laughing at his unfortunate situa-


Now I've got it.

002. Should I Be Angry?

So a comb and Sleekeasy is all the rage now, is it?

Not even I can manage to argue out their side in this whole debacle. And, wow. Mr. Head Boy, sir? I'm really sorry. I promise if I see you hiding somewhere, I won't ask you about it and I won't breathe a word. I think I might have to figure out how to get Howell from overreacting though. Do you think the "reacting is only going to give their rubbish opinions credibility" line will work? So much for Ravenclaws being the rational ones around here.

How's the song-writing, going, then, Merton?

001. Hello?

Okay, okay, I shouldn't really be laughing - but did anyone else see that fourth year Slytherin sling mud right into Oakby's mouth? Classic. Actually, Pucey, I think it was your cousin. Anyway, he looked pretty, had dark-hair - but was far too short to be you.

To be honest, I think this whole Quidditch rivalry between the houses is giving me a headache. And the stupidest part is that the fans are getting more reckless than the teams themselves. I can see why there would be rivalry, of course. And I support Gryffindor wholly, of course. But as I'd have to disown near my whole family in order to be that zealous over the matter, then what's the point?

But for something completely non-Quidditch-related; I can't find my record of Lorcan d'Eath's "Necks to You"! I mean, I know all I have to do is turn on the Wireless, and I'm likely to hear it - but that isn't the point!

000. Backstory

Name: Demelza Esyld Robins

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 27/12/1978

Year: Sixth

House: Gryffindor

Blood status: Pureblood

Physical characteristics:
Green eyed, slender and reaching a height of about 5’8”, Demelza has long blonde hair that gets easily tangled, is more often than not left open (much to the ire of some Professors), with a side fringe that is definitely growing out now.

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